Versions in Black and White

A l'heure de l'observatoire (Kensington, 2012)

The Hanging Bed (Kensington, CA. 2012)

In the Peach Orchard (Austin, 2011. PhotoPlace Alternative Realities Online Annex, juried by Laura Moya.)

Sisyphus (Kensington, 2012)

Prell Girl (Austin, 2012)

Lullaby (Austin, 2011. Finalist in TX National Competition, juried by Dave Hickey)

Recuperation (Austin, 2011)

Styx (Austin, 2011)

Thermae (Kensington, 2012)

Lace Dragons (Kensington, 2012)

Sycorax (Kensington, 2012)

Lover's Point (Pacific Grove, 2012)

Huntress (Austin, 2012)

Post-Op (Austin, 2012)

Inner Ear (Asheville, 2012)

Wash Day I (2012)

Wash Day II (2012)

Wash Day III (2012)


Photos in the Versions in Black and White series were shot with a medium format camera (Diana F+), a TLR (Lubitel 166+), and a Canon AE-1, in Austin, TX, Kensington, CA, and Asheville, NC (2012).